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Self-Publishing Overview
Have you written a book, training materials or how-to guide that others might want to buy? Consider an amazing service for self-publishing authors -- the innovative Sow The Seed Ministries publishing service. For as little as $350, your book will be published and available for purchase by book-buyers around the world!

On-demand publishing is a practical combination of conventional publishing tasks, digital print manufacturing and Internet marketing and retailing. Using digital printing equipment, complete books are manufactured one-at-a-time to fill incoming orders -- which means the self-publishing author need not make a large investment in pre-printed books stored in a warehouse.

Selling directly to the customer over the Internet through Amazon, is very cost-effective and opens a global market for your book. The author retains copyright, sets the retail price and royalty amount, and decides on design and appearance.

Great? After investigating the alternatives, you'll be even more impressed with how affordable, convenient and comprehensive Sow The Seed Ministries digital publishing service really is!

Sow The Seed Ministries on-demand publishing service was created to support the self-publishing Christian author. On-demand publishing fits perfectly with today's work and life styles -- it allows authors to efficiently publicize and retail their books on a global scale without leaving their neighborhood.

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